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In June of 2015, I quit dreaming and began doing. Between camping under the stars of the Sahara Desert to road tripping around the breathtaking scenery of Iceland, the world became my backyard. Each day was a blank canvas. Each day was painted with art museums, exploring the unknown and a full embracement of new cultures. I subconsciously grew more open-minded than ever before.

How does traveling make you a better professional, you ask?

1) Problem-Solving. It is hard to plan for the unexpected. Traveling teaches you to think on the spot and become a quick problem solver as many times your life may even be at danger. 

2) Accepting Diversity. Every culture has at least one great thing to learn from. Accepting diversity in the workplace signifies no tolerance for discrimination and a genuine interest in your coworkers' inputs. 

3) Budgeting. Financing for 90 Days of lodging, food and activities is unsuccessful without a solid budget in place. Learning from monetary mistakes  and strategically planning transportation, lodging and all other costs could make or break your trip in the long run

4) Optimism. Traveling has many ups and downs that are unforeseen. Foreign transportation, language barriers, disappointing accommodations and many other factors can easily put a damper on your trip. Remaining positive and making the most out of your experience is crucial to your journey. The only thing you can control is your mind!

5) Better Communication. Running into 14 different languages is not easy. Learning how to communicate with body language and respectful mannerisms is a characteristic to carry on to an international professional workplace.